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Aaron Community Cultural Center (ACCC) is the vision of Major Trooper Andrew Aaron, formerly of the Buffalo Soldiers, from whom this Center is named. As a retired Buffalo Soldier and dedicated soldier, Major Aaron’s dream has been directed towards making sure that we don’t forget our female veterans and women 35-60 years old who do not have minor children in their care. However we welcome all women to complete an application for an interview.

These needs are specifically geared towards providing necessary housing assistance, employment training, life transformational skills as well as, continuing to provide the same services for individuals in the inner city with entrepreneurial and basic job skills training for job opportunities. To successfully accomplish and provide these opportunities for Women, youth, and the Los Angeles community ACCC continually reaches out to organizations for much needed funding via grants, sponsorship, as well as intern, community service, and volunteer hours from concerned citizens who believe in the same end results. 


Thank you for your support of Aaron Community Cultural Center.  We encourage you to learn more about The MVET Way by viewing the video below or clicking on one of the images to the right.

If you have additional questions, we invite you to contact Andrea Harlin directly at 800.527.4184.

Learn more about The Buffalo Soldiers Online Museum here.

"My dream is to preserve the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers and
help others through the Aaron Community Cultural Center (ACCC)
and the Buffalo Soliders Museum.


This dream became a reality in January 2014, where we launched the ACCC
Shared Housing and Employment Preparation Center in Los Angeles.


I also encourage you to visit the Buffalo Soldiers Online Museum 
Please join our community!  

Major Andrew Aaron
Retired Buffalo Soldier
"Ready Forward"

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