Stress, How It Affects You

Every day is different.  However different, you want better. The society in which we live is very stressful, making it very difficult to get from one day to the next.  People are like machines, constantly on the go.  Hardly stopping for any length of time. That machine can break down and eventually it will need repairs.  He, who is like that machine, puts stress on the body.  You have to be that signal light to say, ‘I will stop, and give my mind and body rest.’  The body is not a computer that has buttons or keys to push what you want it to do. The brain and all other functional parts make the body a human being.  The human being can tolerate so much.  What is your choice: Stress? Or rest?  We do not have 100% control as to what is happening in our society. But we do have control of what we can, or can’t do, or even how much.


For example, you are a pedestrian walking in a crosswalk. A car is traveling at high speed.  As a pedestrian, you have the right of way, but that car might not stop.  Are you going to stop? Or continue to walk and perhaps get killed? You might assume that car will stop, but it might not.  You have a choice, and a quick decision to make.  Remember, all people don’t regard rules and regulations.  Don’t put stress on your body unnecessarily.  

Life has its ups and downs, sometimes difficulties, sometimes simple, sometimes right, other times wrong. You are in the driver’s seat. The power to think is great, but being in control is a master.  Can you tell your heart to stop beating? No. But you know too much stress can cause a heart attack.  There are times we might feel we can take on the world and all its problems.  Think about it.  


First priority is to yourself.  If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t help anyone else.  Stress in the body can create medical problems and make you think you are losing you mind. The reason is stress can attack all parts of the body, the nervous system, headaches occur, you can have an ulcer and so much more.  Life goes on regardless of our problems.  A person doesn’t have to live under stress 24/7. Think positive. Take control of your thoughts and feelings. Let me give you an example, suppose you had a sore on your leg.  The sore hurts and gets worse.  What is the first thing you think about?  Cancer?  Am I right?  It doesn’t mean you have cancer.  Perhaps going to the doctor and letting him give you a diagnosis is better than you trying to diagnose your own case.  You are putting added stress on your body by thinking negative.  What we think about influences the way we feel. Let’s all try to feel good.

Online, the Internet, and Our Children

What did young people do before video games, Internet, and online existed?  Young men watched Superman, Batman, and other movies on TV.  They played basketball, football, rode their bicycles, got together and did skateboard activities.  Now what did the young ladies do?  They talked on the phone, had friends over, talked about how cute the boys were, went to parties—but what’s happening now?  Video games, the Internet, and online have taken over.  Young people and adults are spending hours online and on the Internet.  Some of these encounters are positive…maybe even productive relating to business, but much of it is dangerous!  

People can do what they want to do and get what they want online.  Marriages have been torn apart, because people are meeting online.  Information regarding one another is exchanged, but who tells all?  How is one to know if this new acquaintance is not a serial or freeway killer, a prostitute, or person wanted?  Many are leaving their mates, their homes, and their families to get with the person they have met online.  There was a remark made by a wife that her husband spends eight hours with the computer.  He didn’t work and he didn’t help around the house.  The computer was his life.  He wasn’t online trying to seek work—he was lining up dates—so unfair to his wife.  Of course, he’s not the only one.  There are many doing the same thing.  


Don’t get me wrong having a computer to use in the right way is fine.  But using the online and Internet for the wrong reason is not so beneficial.  When material things and the wrong things start turning the minds of young people, the situation should be closely observed.  Many are putting their schoolwork aside to go online or the Internet.  Others are prioritizing in other ways:  violence, sex, photos are involved.  Then there is the actual meeting of one another.  Sometimes disappointing, other times as what each imagined what the outcome would be.  But what about those who left home for perhaps a one-night stand to return home to face questions, or perhaps not returning home at all?  They end up pregnant or maybe with a disease because of that one-night stand.  That happens.


Or, what about the young girl who met the wrong man on the Internet?  He was violent, married, but looking only for that one-night stand.  So much is happening online and on the Internet, and at the same time it has become a multi-million dollar business.  I am concerned about young people and the way they are doing things.  They have gotten caught up in the wrong things.  They enjoy experiencing the unknown, finding out about things at a very early age, and sharing with others is another issue.  Parents observe what is happening with their children, because hate and violence is on the rise, and children can get hurt even online or on the Internet.  Because much of what is happening is very scary, because the fear, the hurt, and the danger is now a reality.  


The expectation of what was intended to be ended up being a disaster—people posing as someone else, giving false hope and information.  Perhaps I’m from the old school, but I would rather meet someone in person, than see a picture of someone whom I might not even be talking to.  We make choices in life, but all our choices are not validated or made in the best interest.  So, I say to young people today, consider your options.  Try to make the right decisions.  Don’t be so fast to grow up, and be careful online and on the Internet in sending wrong messages that could be received in the wrong way.  

What is it that we are so afraid of

That’s a good question.  Look around you, the world is in a chaotic state.  You can see all the racial strife that has lingered for centuries.  We’re faced with financial debts.  People’s lives are in jeopardy.  Discrimination and crime is an issue.  All this breed fears uncertainties and what our future could be.  On the other hand, hate is another issue.  The more one hates the more it becomes a part of that individual.  

At this time let us go to a poem entitled “He the hater, the discriminator, the racist”.

Racial hate and discrimination are the issues of today.  He is going right others going left when we can all go the same way.  He asked, why are world conditions as they are today, he took away joy and peace and wrote the rules his way.  The worlds used were of his choice, belittling others while making his heart rejoice.  The color of my skin makes a difference, but my money don’t.  Using me to make him rich is all he really wants.  He doesn’t want me to live in his neighborhood, but he opens up his witness in mine.  


Charging me a high price for his merchandise and leaving his trash behind.  He deludes many, to make himself look good.  Segregating, humiliating in any way he could.  Racial hate and discrimination he’s known for many years.  Inflicting hurt and violence on others along with pain and tears.  I see all the wrong things he does, but I don’t understand how can he mistreat people and call himself a man.  


He’s a racist and a hater, an enemy not a friend.  He says he would change his way of living, the question is when.  He’s putting off for tomorrow what he should be doing today.  Only making matters worse when he does things his way.  Children and adults suffer behind this cloud of hate while he flatters himself with glory on others fate.  A racist he is, but not much of a man, especially when he degrades others doing all the wrong he can.  

Prejudice and corruption is this man’s gain.  He plays it well, because hatred he proclaims.  He thinks of himself as a king on a throne, one day he will have to answer to God for all of his wrongs.  Awe to this man who sits high and looks down so low, deceiving and using people to boost his ego.  Sir, don’t burn your bridges behind you, because you may need a friend to bring you a glass of water before your life comes to an end.

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