Andrea Harlin

AES Consulting, Free Motivational Sales Trainer, Consultant & Business Strategist.
I started my career as an Educator working with young children in Los Angeles Unified School District, (LAUSD) from early childhood education to special education to vocational education, from Vocational Education to Parenting and Family Life. I taught parenting, gerontology (which is study of older adults) and adults with disabilities.

As an adult educator and consultant I trained executives to volunteer in LAUSD. As an Adult educator I trained parents and community leaders. I was also liaison for Los Angeles Unified and community programs and a consultant for Los Angeles Unified School Volunteer Program and Reading by 9, my career with LAUSD ended in 2010.
Career in Consulting

I was a Consultant with Aaron Educational Services for a number of years, developing and training parents and youth. I providing services for court ordered parent education; anger management clients, I also consulted for vocational education schools developing their job placement programs and student counseling. I also worked as a Psycho Therapist Consultant at Inglewood Family Care Center and other nonprofit Organizations. I worked as a Counselor for West Angeles Church of God In Christ for 12 fulfilling years. I found these careers rewarding, fulfilling, and enlightening. I am also a volunteer at Faithful Central Bible Church and the Los Angeles Buffalo Soldiers

I enjoy swimming, traveling, listing to audio books and music

Leonard Harlin

Sales Trainer at Eric Lofholm International

My teaching career began in the year 2000. I started substitute teaching as an early education instructor. Within six months I received my first contract for four hours at the school that was my long-term substitute assignment. The remainder of my early education-teaching career was at this one school. I had previously substituted one day at another school. Within six months I obtained and additional four contracts making me a full time teacher. I began teaching in the two and three year old students. I was transferred to collaborative special education classroom. I eventually worked with the four and five year students and then returned to the two and three year old classroom before retiring. I was a head teacher for over four years.


I am currently interning as early education instructor at a community college. I am also a sales trainer. I have worked on writing scripts for professional agencies.
I assist companies in writing scripts for the professional presentations and also assist with writing and designing for their websites. Also worked at Aaron Educational Service, at as a consultant and as a Psychotherapist consultant for various hospitals, and private groups.
I am also a volunteer with Los Angeles Buffalo Soldiers.

My hobbies are traveling, reading, and playing music.