Are you paying more in taxes than you have to?

The items listed here are only a few of the more than 200 categories which provide those who own their business legal tax savings.  Many of these represented categories in which you already spend money but get no deductions.  These every day expenses are paid out of pocket with after tax dollars.  Having your own business and taking advantage of these legal tax savings allow you to increase your lifestyle using dollars ordinarily would be paid in taxes.


Home:                               Travel:

Utilities Desk Meals

Mortgage interest Furniture Airfare

Insurance Computer Baggage

Maintenance/repairs Copier Auto expense

Telephone Facsimile Machine Car Rental

Child care expenses Adding Machine Garage Rental

Meals File Cabinets Taxi fees

Remodeling Answering Service Tolls

Home improvement Office Supplies Tips

Decorating and furnishings Rent Telephone

Books Fire Loss Hotel Laundry

Periodicals Security Loss Dry cleaning

Audio/visual Equipment

VCR Tape Duplicator

DVD Movie Screen

Tape players Film

Television Cameras

Movie projectors Slide Projectors


Entertainment: Convention:

Meals (home and away) Liquor Registration fees

Christmas parties Social sports clubs Accommodation

Theater tickets Expenses Meals





Auto: Advertising and Promotion:

Repairs Team Sponsor

Insurance Radio

Maintenance TV

Tires News Paper

Tune-ups Flyers


License and registration fees



Airplane: Wages:

Insurance Children ( $3,300)

Maintenance Child care

Rental Secretarial

Hanger rental Domestic

Radio equipment Gifts $35

Landing fees Customers

FAA/DOT physical Distributors






Legal costs Salaries and bonuses

Bank charges Selling expense

Accounting expenses Exhibits and displays

Attorney’s fees Office rent

License fees Postage

Passport fees Messenger Service

Freight charges Periodical

Commissions paid All taxes

Unsaleable merchandise Employee meals

Customer discount Storage and Rental

Incentive expense Demonstration expense

Moving expense

Collection expense

Professional society

Damage to property (not covered by insurance)

Burglary loss (not covered by insurance and expenses)



Are you a retiree going through a costly divorce?

LARE can help you with your $$$ woes.


Can Grandpa & Grandma take a luxury vaction with limited money ?

Yes they can!

Have them call 800.677.7618 or go to



Can a person age 70 plus years old apply for a senior settlement?

Yes call 800.667.7618 to apply

Granny can help you buy a home



Pension Funding:

If your monthly income is a pension can you get an advance on your pension?


Yes you can! Go to


How can a Real Estate consultant help me? real estate consultants help you locate money when you need funds to buy property, invest, pay off bills, and finance property you want to sell, get and advance on your monthly pension, senior settlement or lottery payments.


 Pay off medical bills

 Take a dream vacation

 Handle a costly divorce

 Fund college tuition’s

 Reduce credit card debt

 Launch a second-career business



Have you ever wanted to take a vacation you could not afford?

Do you need to pay medical bills, make auto repairs?

Are you afraid of an Emergency you cannot afford financially?

Look around your house and Garage you probably have hidden treasure and money you have forgotten about or did not know you had.

This article will help you discover and uncover many treasures in your life house and environment.


Treasure 1

If you are 62 years old and own a house you are living in one of your largest assets. You qualify for a Reverse Mortgage on your home this loan will involve your family during the counseling process.  This loan allows you to live on your home equity with out paying it back. If you become disabled are die your family will have to pay off the loan or the bank will keep your house. You have 3 choices for distribution. You can take all the money up front for items you desire, take the payment monthly or a combination of the two. You can Give your family money at the time you receive it invest it or they can invest what you are giving them for their future. You get to choose and enjoy some of the fruits of your labor in your life time.


Treasure 2

If you are ill are over 62 years of age and have a life insurance policy with a face value of 100,000, you can use that police to take money off of it prior to your death for any of the previously mentioned items


Treasure 3

Jewelry many people have jewelry that is worth 3-5 time what they paid for it. If you inherited the jewelry from Grandparents are other senior relative chances are it is valuable.

7 Treasures To Hidden Money  Pg 2

Treasure 4

Art Work painting, sculptures look in your garage and around your house you could be in position of a valuable piece of art. Some time the Frames are as valuable as the picture.

Treasure 5

 Many people have old and rare coins, War Bonds, Stock Certificates, metal Piggy Banks Books, record alarms.

Treasure 6

Antique Furniture, clothing, glass ware, serving dishes, silver ware, mixing bowls etc…

Treasure 7

Properties that you sold and took a second on, property you sold and financed. Court Settlements, you receive payment on, Workers compensation, personal injury, annuity, lottery winnings a business you own or have sold, any promise to pay you are in position of can yield you cash now.

Look around your house garage and environment you have many treasures that will yield you cash now. If you have any questions about your hidden money please go call 1.800.667.7618 to request a FREE consultation or quote

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