Earn While You Learn


Ages 13-24

The Earn While You Learn Program Focuses On Entrepreneur Skills Development

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You Can Earning MONEY NOW While You Learn!


AES Can Help You Earn Community Service Hours!

You will Learn:

Goal Setting

Time Management

Employment Preparation


Employment Retention


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AES Consulting, LLC would like to offer a Virtual Entrepreneurial Training class to your congregation, program participants, and to the community at large. This training will teach goal-setting and other entrepreneurial skills. We will also assist the trainees in setting up an entrepreneurial club. The training will be done in weekly sessions that will occur via a telephone Conference Line.



The first meeting however will be (1) a face-to-face meeting to register; (2) orientation;


(3) selecting a goal partner; and (4) two assessments—the first for personality and the second to identify the participant’s skills set.


The trainee will then set their business goals—this portion may take up to 3 hours.


Training Materials and  Sales Club Connection:

This is step-by-step-hands-on coaching and group participation with a master mind group. This connection is for those individuals who want intensive entrepreneurial training. This training will require 2-10 hours per week (that is, a 1-2 hours per day commitment for learning a script; goal-setting; appointment-setting; follow up; sales; and Cha Ching!)



Each participant will work with an internationally known product that will systemize their goals and life. Each participant will earn while they learn. This will occur as a 3-way monetary split.  The product is a sales training course called The Unstoppable Selling System. This is a 12 lesson, 30 minute system. The training occurs in 90 day blocks.


Monetary Example of a WIN WIN FORMULA!  The Unstoppable Selling System!



The product cost is $300.00; the commission is 100.00 per system sold with $33.00 to the non profit, $33.00 to the participant and $33.00 to the trainer, AES Consulting.  This commission covers the cost for using the non profit’s facility, and recruiting.  The participant in return receives thousands of dollars in training and sellable skills, allowing them to transfer those skills into a business of their own.


AES is not charging the participant for this training and coaching but, in exchange for their services, they are requesting that each participant commits to selling 5 systems and commits to 2 hours minimum per week during the 90 days of training.  Each participant will agree to be interviewed, take the 2 assessments, sign an agreement, and complete the evaluation.


Every 90 days the program will focus on a different skill set.

Skill sets for the first 90 Days are Business Structure, Goal-Setting, Goals Club and Master Minding.



Skill sets for the second 90 Days are Sales Presentations, Goals Setting, Goals Club and Master Minding.

Skill sets for the third 90 Days are Marketing, Goal-Setting, Goals Club, and Master Minding.

Skill sets for the forth 90 Days are Time Management, Goal-Setting, Goals Club, and Master Minding.


Each participant will receive 2 FREE courses, the first one on closing and the second one on Time Management. Each trainee will also receive training materials via audio and video, with a value of over one thousand dollars.


There will be evaluation form for each quarter.


Each participant will have a consultant and peer partner, and will work with their coach weekly and their peer partner daily via 10 minute calls.


We would like to joint venture with your non profit to provide this service to your clients.  Please contact AES Consulting at (310) 977-2053 or email us at laaes8@gmail.com


Ministers Leonard & Andrea Harlin