How do I join the community if I have never been in the armed services.

Donations for our community project and scholarship funds are always welcome.  The annual membership fees is $25.00 to join a local chapter and $25.00 for the National chapter an annual total of $50.00 dollars

Yes we welcome members, volunteer, Interns, and community service workers.

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Can I be involved with more than one of the programs available on your site. 

All are welcome to join the Buffalo  Soilders 

We are a Historical Preservation Organization.

However, most members are current, or past Military or descendants of a Buffalo Soilders. 

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Is there a specific amount of money I need to donate to become a part of the community.
Can teachers and community leaders use the curriculum and worksheets to educate their class and community on the Buffalo Soilders. 

Yes, Please simply click the link below to be connected to our online museum.



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Trooper Aaron is available and enjoys speaking engagements online and in person

 Is Trooper Aaron available for speaking engagements.

No but many of the youth participating in the program are current or past JROTC and plan to join the Military.

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For the American Heroes Program do I have to be part of a JROTC or any other Military related organization. 

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