Group Starts Jan.7 2018

Currently, ACCC is piloting, Gaining Power through Peace of Mind: A Mindfulness Group for Women of Color. This group was formulated by women of color for women of color, who are continuously categorized as angry. This stereotype adds to the already existing oppressions that women of color are faced with each day of their lives. There are several factors that contribute to the negative perspective held by women of color, and this group will target these factors. Gaining Power through Peace of Mind will utilize mindfulness techniques to address stressors of oppression that include anger, depression and anxiety. Topics will include: Self Care, Self-Awareness, Empowerment,, Mental Wellness, Anger Management, and Mindfulness Techniques.

The goals of the group are: 

• problem solving and coping with mental health symptoms

• processing difficult emotions through mindfulness techniques

• providing a safe space for women of color to express their challenges and address symptoms of anxiety and depression

• linkage to community resources

• education to address wholeness despite circumstances

Our hope is that through proper education and support, these women will have the necessary means to succeed in all aspects of life.

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