1010 Essays Instructions

Thank You for applying for Aaron Community Cultural Center housing. Please write an essay in the box following the questions below.

Your essay should answer questions 1-8.

1. INTRODUCE YOURSELF: State your name, tell us about your hobbies, and convey what you always wanted to be when you grew up.
2. Where do you work or attend school? Do you have a professional skill or are you working on a special trade skill?
3. Why do you want to reside at ACCC’s shared housing?
4. How would you like ACCC’s life literacy and coaching programs to benefit you?
5. What is your long-term goal?
Name at least three short-term goals to complete with-in 6-12 months while residing at ACCC. These goals should be in terms of getting to your main goal.
6. UNDERSTAND: ACCC is implementing a smoke-free, drug-free, and alcohol-free environment:
EXPLAIN your previous and current relationship with stated substances. Do you see yourself able to live substance free? Would this ecosystem benefit your life style?
7. UNDERSTAND: ACCC has daily check-ins, weekly/monthly assignments, and weekly/monthly meetings.
EXPLAIN: How would regular updates make you feel? Are you willing to abide by these living circumstances? Would daily monitoring offend you or make you anxious?
8. UNDERSTAND: ACCC believes in giving back to the community. In part, ACCC expects its participants to volunteer services for the community through its nonprofit programs.
EXPLAIN: How do you feel about volunteering your personal time? What is your definition of community? How many hours per week are you willing to pay forward?

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