Welcome to Aaron Community Cultural Center’ parent education class.  This is a 15-week program with continuous enrollment.  Certificates are given only for the completion of the entire 15-week program.  The exceptions are agency mandated for more or less than 15 hours.  Each certificate will list the number of classes and hours completed.  The following is for your information: 


·         Letters of participation are given to verify weeks and hours of attendance.


·         Letters of enrollment are given as needed after five weeks of continuous participation. 


·         Each class is two hours, and you will only be given credit for time attended. 


·         Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class, and the facilitator will verify hours of attendance. 


·         Please be on time!  If you are late, you will receive a 15-minute grace period at the beginning of the class.  The grace period is allowed for only two classes.  Therefore, if you are 15 minutes late for all other classes, you will only receive one-hour credit for the class or the amount of time you attend class that day.


·         Homework assignments can be generated one to two additional hours per week as class credit hours, with advance arrangement and written assignments.  On holidays, you may earn class credit for only one to three times. 


Weekly homework assignments for participants: 

·         A family meeting.


·         A meal together weekly, 30 to 60 minutes per week for individual personal parenting time.  Confidentiality is mandatory.  Information shared in the class is confidential.  All information shared by other parents is to remain in the class.  Please, no gossiping.  Please sign and date the confidentiality class agreement form. 


All facilitators or designated reporters.  That is, if you share an incident of abuse, I must report you to the Abuse Hotline.  Referrals will be made when necessary for counseling and other needed services. 


Please pay class fees online or in person.  If paying online, go to www.acccbsm.com, and look for the fee.  There is an additional $3 processing fee to pay your class fees online.  If not, they can be paid in person prior to class or after class. 


Thank you for choosing Aaron Community Cultural Center for your parent education classes

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