3 Benefits of Being a Social Work Intern at ACCC

If you’re interested in becoming a social worker, you might be thinking of going to graduate school. At most graduate-level social work programs, participating in a field placement is integral to the learning process. For those who may not be familiar with what a field placement is, it essentially is a supervised internship at an agency or organization that provides social work services. According to SocialWorkLicensure.org, field placements can give social work students experience navigating challenges they might face in the profession after graduation. In addition, it gives them the opportunity to grow in their clinical skills with a lot of supervision.

Because social work is a broad field, agencies are diverse and can provide a number of services from helping unhoused populations access resources, to providing clinical services in a hospital setting, to engaging in psychoeducation with children and families—and more!

Aaron Community Cultural Center (ACCC) has an internship program that allows students to provide case management to residents in living at ACCC, distribute food to the Gardena community (via the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank), and contribute to marketing efforts of the organization. Below, we’ve listed a few of the benefits of being a social work intern at ACCC.

1. Gain Experience Working With Clients Individually and in Group Settings

Social work interns have the opportunity to work with residents living at ACCC. Interns may work with individuals in one-on-one case management sessions, as well as in group settings. Typical groups ACCC offers include house meetings, parent education classes, and anger management classes.

2. See the Power of Community Organizing

Being part of a small, grassroots organization allows students the opportunity to see the power of community organizing up close. Interns participating in ACCC’s program will have the opportunity to work with volunteers to distribute food to the Gardena community.

3. Grow as a Social Worker

Social work students placed at ACCC will receive supervision through their university, typically through individual supervision and group supervision. These experiences will help students process what they are learning in field, as well as hone their clinical skills.

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