How Can Anger Management Classes Benefit Your Client?

If you are a social worker or other mental health professional, your client may benefit from taking anger management classes. Anger management classes at ACCC are geared toward supporting individuals who have been court-ordered by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) or Probation. Once your client has completed the 15-week course, we will provide them with a certification of completion so they can show interested parties like the courts. For clients who are unable to make every meeting, additional "extra credit" homework can be given to make up hours.

Our anger management classes help clients strengthen self-awareness by increasing emotion identification skills. Throughout the course, we also teach them valuable coping strategies like breathing exercises and journaling. Anger management doesn't just help individuals cope with their anger, it also can help your client's satisfaction in family relationships, romantic relationships, and workplace relationships.

Classes typically run from 1.5 to 2 hours depending on how large the group size is. So you can get a feel for what classes will be like for your client, we've included a sample week 1 and week 2 schedule below.

Week 1

- Introduction

- Ice Breaker

- 5 minute journaling exercise (Questions to Answer: 1. Why you need to take this class? 2.What do you want to learn in this class? 3. What behaviors would you like to change during this process?)

- Discussion of Journal Prompt

- Complete Personal Self Inventory Part 1

- Go Over Temper Management Log

- Go Over Temper Management Scale

- One-on-One Time With Group Leader

Week 2

- Check In

- Homework Check

- Discuss Family Dinner Exercise

- 30 Minutes of Personal Time

- Breathing 1-3 Minutes

- Personal Self Inventory 1 or 2

- Identity Feeling Grid

- Temper Management Log

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