Parent Education and Employment Preparation Programs

Hello ACCC community members! Welcome to back to the blog. Here you can expect to find resources, wellness tips, as well as interviews with important community members.

Today we’re talking about a topic I know many of you care deeply about: your children!

In these unprecedented times, parents have had more time than ever before with their young children. From zoom school to virtual parent-teacher conferences, the parenting obligations have stacked up enormously. If you’ve found yourself struggling to be patient with your kids in this time, you’re not alone.

ACCC has resources that might be able to help you. We offer 15-week parent education classes to parents who may be court-ordered by DCFS or Probation, or are just interested in strengthening their parenting skills! Skills include:

  • Healthy communication

  • Temper management

  • Engaging your child in bonding activities

  • Cultivating a practice of dinner as a family

  • And more!

Certificates for the program are given only for the completion of the entire 15-week program. The exceptions are agency mandated for more or less than 15 hours. Each certificate will list the number of classes and hours completed.

Because this class is taught in a group setting, it gives you the chance to connect with other parents facing similar challenges. That being said, all information shared in the class is confidential! We want to protect everyone’s privacy, so please, no gossiping!

In the parenting class, all facilitators are designated reporters. That is, if we hear an incident of abuse, we are required to report it. Referrals will be made when necessary for counseling and other needed services. Please pay class fees online or in person. If paying online, go to, and look for the fee. There is an additional $3 processing fee to pay your class fees online. If not, they can be paid in person prior to class or after class. Thank you for choosing Aaron Community Cultural Center for your parent education classes!

Another program we want to draw your attention to is our employment preparation program! Have you ever wondered if your resume was up to snuff? Have you ever wanted to practice your interviewing skills? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

ACCC offers both virtual and classroom-type training programs to participating community attendees. This training is designed to teach goal-setting and entrepreneurial skills. You will have the opportunity to join our exclusive entrepreneurial club.

Our training focuses on training their participants in the following areas:

  • Phone and social media marketing

  • How to write and implement scripts

  • Invite prospects to various events on and offline

  • To send out thank you gifts, via email or regular U.S. mail

  • Invite prospects to Seminars, Webinars and make follow up calls daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly.

For those of you who are interested in telemarketing, we have a program specifically designed for you! Telemarketers will participate in daily:

  • Business Development

  • Time Management

  • Self Actualization

  • Goal-Setting

  • Team Building Training

Each telemarketer-in-training will set hourly, daily, weekly and monthly goals that will assist them in learning time and task management. Each marketer will set their salary and create a permanent marketing position and determine their own financial compensation. In order to be successful in this program, telemarketers will need a thorough knowledge of computer skills to enable them to send required reports via email. This is a fantastic program for individuals who are seeking to start their own business and want to earn unlimited income.

To sign up for this program, please reach out to us today or use the QR code below! We want to hear from you! Send us an email at

Thank you for listening to our podcast! We hope that you continue joining us in learning more about ACCC and all the amazing opportunities we have to offer!

Let us help you, help others! Ready and forward!

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