We are the Aaron Community Cultural Center located in the greater Los Angeles community. Aaron Community Cultural Center (ACCC) is a non-profit organization that provides high quality educational and employment preparation opportunities for community residents that are either under-employed or unemployed.

Through a structured entrepreneurial training program, ACCC offers individuals educational programs that will inspire a strong sense of purpose for people of color via online or face-to-face training.  At the same time, enlighten our program participants to continue to preserve and share the history of the 


The programs we currently offer are temper management, gaining power, parent education, acupuncture and yoga. Each of our programs are on a sliding scale or accept donations. If financially you cannot afford the classes, then we also have volunteer exchange hours available.


  • Temper management is a 15-week anger management program that is ideal for individuals that have been court ordered or required by DCFS or want to enhance their current parenting skills.

  • Gaining power is an anger processing mindfulness group for women of color. The group includes cooking workshops, exercise, coping skills, and etc.

  • Parent education is a 15-week program that offers classes designed to train parents to create a supportive environment for their children.

  • Acupuncture is a service that is run by a licensed doctor. Acupuncture helps relieve pain from the back, knees, and neck.

  • Yoga is a service that increases muscle strength, balances metabolism, and reduces weight.

To schedule a program go to the Event Registration page.

We hope that you and your clients will take full advantage of our programs, as it is our constant goal to help change the status and lifestyle of individuals by encouraging upward mobility.


For more questions about the programs and services,

Contact 1-800-527-4184

or email acccbsm@gmail.com

or email Info@ACCCbsm.com.


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