Here at ACCC an important integral part of our shared housing program is giving.  ACCC gives by providing a comfortable living space as well as a number of educational and entrepreneurial components. As participants at ACCC you will become a part of the giving by sharing and engaging with others who might also. Our participants give back to get back through volunteering. 

The Aaron Community Cultural Center (ACCC) offers a wide range of programs for people of all ages online in the Los Angeles Community and Online.

We are actively seeking volunteers who possess either face to face or online experience to help us direct and manage our programs by encouraging positive effects in our community & the families we help.

We currently offer classes in:

  •     Parenting 

  •     Anger Management 

  •     Employment Preparation

  •     Life & Health Skills

  •     Art

Open ACCC volunteer positions for those with experience in:

  •     Telemarketing

  •     Social Media

  •     Internet / SEO

  •     Data Entry

  •     Face to-face & US mail marketing backgrounds

Group leaders & mentors with backgrounds in:

  •     Health

  •     Substance Abuse

  •     Life Skills

  •     Finance

  •     Budgeting

  •     Parenting Anger Management

  •     Financial Empowerment


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