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The mission of the Aaron Community Cultural Center is to provide education, social skills, employment training, and family system programs from birth to death. This mission will occur face to face and in a cyber environment.


Here at ACCC an important integral part of our shared housing program is giving. ACCC gives by providing a comfortable living space as well as a number of educational and entrepreneurial components. As participants at ACCC individuals will become a part of the giving by sharing and engaging with others. Our participants give back to get back through volunteering.


Aaron Community Cultural Center (ACCC) has been tirelessly working on expanding its services to become more in alignment with the needs of the community with a specific emphasis for our returning female veterans, women age 35-60, while still providing help for our youth and individuals of all gender and ages.


The mission of the Youth Academy Program is to preserve history, educate and assist youth ages 12 to 25 in completing their community service hours, community volunteer internships, externships, as well as, enhancing and developing their entrepreneurial skills.


The Earn While You Learn Program focuses on Entrepreneur Skills and Development.

You can Earning MONEY NOW while You Learn!
We Can Help You Earn Community Service Hours!


This is your personal invitation to a "Love Your Life and Live Your Dream" seminars. LYL-LID is a motivational webinar or in-person conference offered by one of ACCC’s board members or a guest speaker. The goal is to empower individuals of all ages.


The Aaron Community Cultural Center is the vision and heartfelt passion of Trooper Major Andrew Aaron. ACCC's aim is to provide housing, employment, and training along with the preservation of history.

Currently in Los Angeles, there are 1.8 million homeless individuals. Fifteen percent of the homeless population are women between the ages of thirty-five and sixty. These women do not have young children in their care. They do neither qualify for family programs nor are they mature enough to qualify for senior programs. These women have been affected by multiple traumas in the following areas:

• Health
• Employment
• Relationships
• Financial Literacy
• Credit Scores/History

ACCC's goal is to help reduce this population's homelessness by five percent within the next three years. This will occur through ACCC's community outreach programs that focus on these specific areas:

• Financial literacy
• Shared housing
• Employment training
• Health, nutrition and art

• Case Management

(in-person and online)

Our hope is that through proper education and support, these women will have the necessary means to succeed in life and in turn give back to their communities.


Leveraging our past legacy, developing the present, and impacting the future.


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Phone: 1.800.527.4184



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